DevLearn 2020 will host a powerful lineup of keynote speakers who will share stories about perseverance, adventure, and transformation, interweaving their experiences with the work we do in L&D.



Jennifer ArnoldThink Big

Dr. Jennifer Arnold
Co-Star of TLC’s Little Couple, Neonatologist & Cancer Survivor

Jennifer Arnold has faced some big challenges in her life. On the way to becoming a preeminent neonatologist and the medical director for the Center for Medical Simulation and Innovative Education at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital—as well as a parent and television star—she has faced prejudice, medical scares, and the uncertainty and daily pressures of life with special needs children. And even though she has dealt with fear, depression, hopelessness, and the urge to give up, she has found a way to persevere. Read more →

Chris HadfieldManaging Complexity and Change

Chris Hadfield
Astronaut & Former Commander of the International Space Station

Commanding a spaceship during an emergency has the highest of stakes: human lives, irreplaceably expensive equipment, and worldwide scrutiny. Spaceflight is an unforgiving business, with industry success riding on every launch and critical event. Colonel Chris Hadfield held multiple leadership and management positions during his 21 years in the astronaut corps; navigating tragedy, delays, program changes, and much more. Read more →

Jaimy SzymanskiHow Immersive Technologies Enhance Workforces to Transform the Enterprise

Jaimy Szymanski
Industry Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

Though consumer applications may receive most of the fanfare, mixed reality technologies—like virtual, augmented, and extended reality (VR/AR/XR)—offer enterprises many opportunities to supercharge employee skill sets. Companies can increase collaboration and transform traditional approaches to education and training, repairs and maintenance, sales, product and site design, and more. Read more →