LMS & Learning Platforms Forum

Monday, October 19

LMS & Learning Platforms ForumSuccessful learning organization leaders invest in technology wisely. The challenge lies in choosing the technology that best supports your organization’s culture and strategic goals. Until recently, learning organization leaders only needed to consider a learning management system (LMS). Now, we are seeing a wider array of learning platforms, like learning record stores (LRS), learning experience platforms (LXP), talent management systems (TMS), adaptive learning platforms, knowledge exchanges, communication and collaboration platforms, microlearning platforms, and more. Each has its own distinct features, benefits, and risks, and each generates its own set of data and reports. So which of these platforms, if any, is best suited to your organization’s culture and strategy? Or is the LMS enough?

The LMS & Learning Platforms Forum is a unique opportunity for learning leaders to get a handle on the evolving learning platform landscape. You will explore the unique characteristics, advantages, and risks of the various platforms so you can determine the right fit for your organization. You will explore the new roles, skills, and responsibilities needed so you can shape and develop your team. You will discover how to align your technology decisions with business and learning strategies in order to maximize the return on your capital investments. And you will explore three key reasons for collecting and reporting data on your learning solutions—evidence of impact, compliance, and continuous improvement—and how different technologies can deliver upon that need.

The LMS & Learning Platforms Forum will help you harness the potential of the learning platforms landscape and arm you with the insight to use technology effectively and strategically in your organization.

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