FS02 - A Crash Course on Designing for Any Virtual Classroom

Oct 19, 2020
Instructional Design , Virtual Pass

If they're going to work in a virtual classroom, your traditional learning methodologies need a makeover. A virtual session is more than simply a lecture and uploaded PowerPoints. Unique techniques must be used to engage learners throughout the session. Another common pitfall is to focus on the virtual classroom technology and forget about the design–often resulting in unengaging sessions focused on using the tools and not meeting the needs of the learners.

This session will explore the six key principles of successfully designing for any virtual classroom platform. The principles of feedback, equipment functionality, instructions, scripting, visual and verbal cues, and time management provide a blueprint for adapting traditional classroom methodologies for live, online instruction. Learn best practices gained from over 20 years' experience designing, developing, facilitating, and producing online events. Whether you want to simply improve facilitated online meetings, enhance a few classes by adding online follow-up webinars, or completely transform a full curriculum, these principles will provide the guidance you need to create successful live, online learning experiences.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The six guiding principles of virtual classroom design
  • The benefits and limitations of common virtual classroom tools, including how to compare functionality, speed of set up, and ease of use.
  • How technology, timing, and talent (the "three Ts") affect design outcomes
  • How to design interactions for your chosen virtual classroom platform
  • A strategy for implementing design and delivery best practices within your organization


Designers, managers

Technology discussed:

Adobe Connect, WebEx Training Center, WebEx Meeting Center, Zoom, GoTo

Melissa Chambers, Online Instructional Specialist - MSC Consulting