FS03 - L&D Lessons from Behavioral Economics: The Art of Nudging

Oct 20, 2020
Management and Strategy

L&D professionals are generally charged with creating lasting behavioral change through training. Yet, we all know how hard lasting behavioral change is. Think of that chocolate you eat, the exercise you don't do, or the late nights you spend watching screens—even though we rationally know other decisions will be more beneficial. If we struggle to impact and maintain our own behavioral change what makes us think we can do it at scale with the organizations we work with? It's certainly not enough just to throw eLearning or a workshop at people and consider our job as done. So what other techniques can we add to our behavioral change toolkit?

In this session, you’ll get a crash course in the latest thinking from other domains including behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, habit formation, and marketing to provide practical takeaways for broadening our L&D toolkit. What if we could shift behavior by understanding habit stacking? Or by designing nudges using the EAST framework? How much training could we make obsolete just by adding or removing friction? See a range of surprising examples and learn how you can incorporate these techniques into your L&D practice.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the fundamentals of behavioral economics inform our L&D work
  • What behavioral change strategies we can consider before resorting to training
  • How to use nudging in our solutions
  • How to apply the EAST framework to add and remove friction
  • How to leverage three forms of habit formation
  • How to integrate nudges and habits into an L&D process


Designers, managers

Arun Pradhan, Learning, Performance & Innovation Strategist -