FS11 - The Business of Learning: A Guild Master Panel

Oct 27, 2020
Management and Strategy

Learning has been seeking a seat at the table (literally and metaphorically) for decades. What earns learning that respect within an orgainzation is how directly it is linked to the business, in every sense of the word. We need to form relationships and partnerships across the entire orgainzation. We need to operate the learning fucntion as if it were our business, managing resources and projects accordingly. And most of all, we need to ensure all of our efforts are aligned with the goals of the business we support. But what does all of this look like in practice?

Join in a discussion with three of our Guild Masters as we explore the business side of learning. You will discuss the explore the cultural challenges learning functions have dealt with in orgainzations for decades, as well as strategies to help overcome them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The challenges that have led to learning being seen as a cost center
  • How to align your learning efforts with business goals
  • Strategies to increase the role learning serves in your organization


Designers, developers, managers, executives

Mark Lassoff, President - Framework Television
Frank Nguyen, Learning Executive -
Megan Torrance, CEO - TorranceLearning