FS12 - Visual Styles That Inspire

Oct 27, 2020
Instructional Design

Do you wish your visual designs looked modern and contemporary? Are you unsure where to look for creative inspiration? You’re invited to a visual design style fest because the aesthetic appeal of your work can impact learning.

In this session we’ll look at some of the major graphic design trends that are happening today. You’ll analyze these themes and styles and the message each one communicates. Then you’ll see how to take these features and use them to transform your own graphics. The visual theme you select should meet the needs of your audience, your content, and your instructional and messaging goals.

In this session, you learn:

  • Where to find resources for creative inspiration
  • How aesthetics and learning are connected
  • To identify the styles appropriate for your audience groups and performance goals
  • How to apply the characteristics of a style to your work


Designers, developers

Connie Malamed, Learning Design Consultant - Connie Malamed Consulting