P01 - BYOD: Adapting Traditional Classroom for Online Delivery

Oct 20, 2020
The Mirage
Instructional Design

Virtual classroom experiences can range from engaging and exciting to dull and boring. The make-or-break factor often stems from one major thing: the initial instructional design. Crafting virtual classrooms requires more than understanding how to create classroom or eLearning content—it takes a deeper understanding of the unique features and drawbacks of this type of training, and how best to leverage the functionality of the VC tools you use.

In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to take common, face-to-face training situations and translate them for effective and engaging virtual delivery using advanced features, social media tools, vendor add-ons, video, and audio in creative ways. You'll also practice your skills by redesigning a case sample (or even a training example from your own organization) for virtual delivery. If you design VC content but know you need to enhance your instructional design skills to make what you create a better fit for the VC environment, then this workshop is for you.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Creative solutions for different face-to-face training situations (like software labs, coaching or mentoring, role-playing, etc.)
  • How to implement advanced features for breakout rooms, webcams, and video
  • How to engage learners by integrating available resources such as virtual classroom tools, tablets, smartphones, self-study activities, and Twitter into your solutions
  • Tips for visually and instructionally improving your training content for virtual solutions
  • How to look before you leap: practical strategies for implementing your vision to make sure your event is successful


Designers, developers

Prerequisite knowledge:

Minimal knowledge of virtual classroom or platforms, instructional design and development

Technology discussed:

Adobe Connect, WebEx Training Center, Zoom

Participant technology requirements:

A wireless, network-accessible laptop or smart device browser

Melissa Chambers, Online Instructional Specialist - MSC Consulting